Monday, October 26, 2009

Alumni Reunion

The Lydia/TextMap system was built in collaboration with my graduate students. A lot of graduate students. Indeed over thirty of them to date, all properly recognized on the team webpage. I've grown quite close to them over the years, and we try to keep in touch through our annual Lydia Alumni Banquet in Manhattan.

The 2009 banquet was this past weekend, and attracted a swarm of 18 loyal Lydia-oids. I am proud to see that all are doing very well indeed, with careers progressing nicely despite the recession. Most are somehow connected to the finance industry, including a growing number in hedge funds, but several others work in technology companies such as Google and Microsoft. Several are starting families, with several engagements (Levon, Andrew, and Lohit) on top of recent weddings (Prachi, Namtrata, and Jai). I hereby move that the first alumni child be named ``Lydia''. (or if the parents prefer, TextMap :-) )

I also include a December 2008 photo of myself with three of the Lydia alums who could not attend this year's banquet, and look forward to seeing everyone at next year's banquet.


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